Friday, 29 June 2012

Richard Bona


As promised, the posts to come will be about the bassists that play in the last album form Mike Stern. Last week  was intense in terms of music. This album just overwhelms anyone that simply likes good musics. Cameroon and Light and good examples of such ones. This musics are played by Richard Bona.
Richard Bona - Cameroon bassist
Richard Bona - African bass player
Richard Bona born in October 28, 1967, in Cameroon. He is a jazz bass player. His roots are well expressed in his music. Listening to his solo albums and collaborations we can easily listen to some African musicality. Reggae is another type of music that you can find in his marvelous bass riffs.
His first solo album is Scenes from my life and it was released in 1999. It's a relatively recent discography but is  a very good one. Regarding his collaboration CD's we can only say "This guy is good!". He is... very good. He worked and keeps working with some of the most respected jazz musicians. Victor Wooten, Mike Stern, Bobby McFerrin are some examples.

Visit his official website, and his myspace to listen to some of his work. I will let you now with a very good music from him.

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Richard bona gives me a bona. Great stuf man!

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