Saturday, 4 August 2012

Anthony Jackson


This time one of my favorite bassists. One more time we see an awesome bassist starting his carrer in a completely different instrument than bass. Anthony Jackson started in piano, then guitar and ended in bass guitar. In the end he made the obvious choice, don't you think?
Anthony had the great James Jamerson as influence. This is one of the few times that we do not see the name "Pastorius" next to "influence". For me Anthony is one of Jaco's influences and not the other way around. Anthony won his space in the bass world in the Jazz, Fusion and Funk styles. Jackson is well know for is six string bass and the riffs and the powerful walking bass lines that he makes with it. Just listen to his great discography and find it for yourself. Check his Facebook website to know more about this talented bassist.

In the meantime stay with this great video. He's amazing and with this other musicians...

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Anonymous said...

Great musician!

Magnum said...

Amazing virtuoso-grade craftsmanship. Honestly speaking, I rarely hear a musician playing base guitar with the outcome sounding as delicate as an acoustic guitar. Amazing.

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