Saturday, 8 September 2012

Aram Bedrosian


Aram Bedrosian
Aram Bredosian
Back from holidays, back to work... Well, work is not that bad when you do what you like and when you have free time to breakfast and lunch. This seems not important to you, but I actually do not spend this time eating. For example, yesterday I found Aram Bedrosian in the internet. I am absolutely astonished with this guy. He is a “One man band” with only an electric bass. He composes and plays very well. Actually I’m not afraid of saying that he is a virtuoso in bass technique and composing. Recently he published his debut album entitled “Aram Bedrosian”. I bought it yesterday and I’m currently listening to it. I will tell you my thoughts about it as soon as I had listened to it a few times.
In the meantime, stay with the album cover and with the track list  of Aram Bedrosian first album. 

Aram Bedrosian - Debut Album
Aram Bedrosian Album cover
1. Space Opera
2. Mezzanine
3. No Words
4. Thumpty Dumpty
5. Sand Castle
6. Hearing Voices
7. Terracotta
8. The Clearing
9. Fly
10. Code Red
11. Reprise

Take a look at his webite and youtube channel, you wont regret it

Stay with this awesome video from him playing one of songs. 


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