Wednesday, 18 April 2012

John myung


One more bassist for you...
John Myung is his name and he plays bass in Dream Theater. Personally I'm a fan of this band. You can say that they are just masters of their respective instruments and don't really make music. That's not false at all. My opinion is that they do what just a few can, complicated music that sounds good! Showoff solos, and next some melodic music in the same song. That just drives me crazy. I just would like to see more of him in Dream Theater. 
Now John. Elected Best bass player of all time by the readers of Music Radar magazine and  he is present in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.
Stay tuned with this music from him. Really nice one, and a bit different from what he does in Dream theater.

Read more from this bass player in his myspace and in Dream Theater's site.
John and other bass players will be indexed soon into bassists directory, don't forget to check it out.



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Wow that's extreme talent

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